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Central CA CLUW is on the Road

Central CA CLUW is on the Road….Organizing and Mobilizing

Central CA CLUW will be doing a Membership drive in Fresno tomorrow.  We are pleased to announce we have been welcomed by the Fresno Women’s Caucus to present at their monthly meeting.  If you would like to attend, please call (559) 447-2579 and bring a friend!

SEIU Local 521
5228 East Pine Avenue
Fresno, CA 93727

A little video of some of the activities, campaigns and events our Chapter Members have been participating in the last few months.

We are also very pleased to announce the opening of our first office in Stockton. Many thanks to the generosity of  one of our newest members, Megan Cort and her husband Zac Cort! 

For more information please visit our Social Media links:

In Sisterhood and Solidarity ~
Nikki Linnerman
Central CA CLUW
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Stand Up for CA – Way to go Fresno!

Fresno families pay Berryhill a visit

On June 3, 2011

(Article from

Children, parents and grandparents are asking Senator Tom Berryhill to do the right thing and Stand Up for California.

In Fresno, three generations had one message for Senator Tom Berryhill: Stand up for our children’s future, and stop the extreme cuts.

Thursday’s news conference in front of Berryhill’s office featured dozens of grandparents, parents and children who detailed the impact that existing cuts have already had on Central Valley classrooms. Fresno County schools have already faced cuts of more than $1000 per student, and face additional cuts of $139 million next year. In addition to larger class sizes, schools may be forced to cut short short the school year by up to 30 days.

Fresno area senior Grace Solis says it’s time to stop punishing kids.

“Our kids didn’t create the budget mess in Sacramento, but they’ve sure been paying for it. Classes are bigger, so it’s harder for them to learn. Music, sports, and extra-curricular activities have been cut, so their educational experience is not well-rounded. As bad as these cuts are, if Senator Berryhill stands by and lets critical funding for our schools expire, these cuts will grow even worse.”

Theresa Ward, a Fresno grandparent of three, agreed.  “My grandkids deserve better than to be packed into classrooms like sardines. But that’s the direction California is headed if we don’t stop the cuts right now.”

Make the Call

Call your local legislator at 1-866-864-8567 and tell them “Stand up for California. No more cuts.” It’s free, easy, and really makes a difference.  Across the state, thousands of teachers, mothers and working Californians are standing together.


In Sisterhood and Solidarity ~

Nikki Linnerman
Central CA CLUW
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Congratulations to the Emerge CA – Class of 2011

 Click here to read a little bit about each of  the Members graduating Emerge CA Class of 2011

I am very excited to graduate from Emerge CA tomorrow – Congratulations to our Class of 2011!  Many thank-you’s to President Walker, SEIU Local 1000 and Ms. Patty Hughes – my two letters of recommendation that were submitted with my application. Thank you for your support. Also, a special graduation congratulations to my SEIU 1021 Sister, Becky Benton who is in the Class of 2011 too.

It will be a fantastic graduation and I encourage all who are interested in attending the program to celebrate our graduation tomorrow.  The link to the RSVP is in the Emerge CA logo above.

 What is Emerge California ?

Emerge California is the premier political candidate training program for Democratic women in Northern California; we inspire them to run for elected office and we hone their skills to win.  Emerge California is part of a national movement, Emerge America, which has Emerge programs in nine states including Arizona, California, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

The Emerge California mission is to identify, educate, and inspire Democratic women who want to pursue a career in politics at the local and state level in Northern California .

Becky Benton (SEIU 1021) and myself at the CDP 2011 Convention

We are dedicated to making a long-term investment in these future leaders by developing their political and media skills, expanding their knowledge of local issues, and connecting them with mentors.

Currently, Emerge California is the only organization in the state and one of only two in the country that provides Democratic women with the comprehensive training they need to achieve their political aspirations.

 Background and History

Emerge was founded in 2001 by a group of Bay Area women were disturbed by the persistently low levels of women office holders and who passionately believe that we need a larger representation of women in public office at every level.

 Our Successes

Our program works! To date, Emerge California has trained more than 200 women in the Bay Area, half of whom have already run for office, and of those that have run, half of them have won their races!  We’ve also had more than 80 appointments to municipal, state, and federal Boards and Commissions. Additionally, Emerge California is very proud that half of all of the women that we’ve trained are women of color.

Emerge California in the News

Emerge California Executive Director Honored by SF Supervisor Malia Cohen

Emerge California’s executive director, Kimberly Ellis, was honored by San Francisco Supervisor Malia Cohen as District 10’s Woman of the Year at the 2011 Women’s History Month celebration.

CLICK HERE to see Kimberly as well as all of the other honorees.

Women’s work – too few serving in elective office

A telling article which mentions the work of Emerge California, written by Lois Kazakoff of the San Francisco Chronicle.

CLICK here to read more.

U.S. lags in women political leaders; groups try to close gap

Read this thought-provoking article featuring Emerge California program members from the Class of 2011 and recent electeds from the Emerge Alumnae: CLICK HERE

Don’t ask don’t tell law overturned in the Senate

Retired U.S. Navy Commander Zoe Dunning – Emerge CA Alumna, Class of 2010

Until her retirement three years ago, Commander Zoe Dunning was the only openly gay service member serving her country. A decorated veteran, Zoe served 22 years in the U.S. Navy both on active duty and in the reserves.

Commander Dunning made history 17 years ago when she came out as a lesbian and successfully fought her discharge under the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. She publicly “came out” in January 1993 as a political statement in support of then President-elect Bill Clinton’s campaign pledge to allow gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military.

CLICK HERE to see Zoe’s interview on the BBC World News channel.

Because We Can Do Better

Read this amazing article by Emerge California trainer extraordinare, Delaine Eastin, which also references another Emerge trainer, Mary Hughes, and her initiative, the 2012 Project.  Click here to read

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Recession. Unemployment. A Never-Ending Budget Mess…Now What Do We Do?


Phone banks will take place at the North Valley Labor Federation office as listed  below.  We will be calling voters in targeted districts and asking that they call their legislators, encouraging them to maintain existing revenues because our communities can’t afford any more cuts.

 Please encourage your Union or group to “adopt” phone banks!


5:00- 7:30 P.M.

CONTACT TONY ROJAS AT (209) 522-4900



SATURDAY June 11, 2011 at 10:00 a.m





CSEA River Delta Field Office

5375 West Lane
Stockton, California

(Breakfast, snacks and lunch provided.)

CONTACT TONY ROJAS AT (209) 522-4900


On July 1, a scheduled tax cut will blow another $9 billion hole in California’s budget, forcing more cuts to schools, seniors and public safety.

Tell Senator Cannella:
Save California • No More Cuts!

Monday June 6, 12 Noon – 1 pm
Across the street from Senator Cannella’s Office
918 15th Street, Modesto

For More Information contact:
Rose Auguste,

510-873-8787 ext. 100


Call your local legislator at 1-866-864-8567 and tell them “Stand up for California. No more cuts.”

It’s free, easy, and really makes a difference.

In Sisterhood and Solidarity ~

Nikki Linnerman
Central CA CLUW

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